About us

MAXimus is the producer of modern medical devices with the use of state of the art production technologies, AMT and HT based on the development of computer science and Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

Our aim is to satisfy our clients by offering them medical devices of the highest quality and considering the economic calculation and our staff’s satisfaction at the same time.

Our flagship products are the AMAZING MX Cryotherapy chamber characterized by stylish look and economical use and Dry Bath Chamber for taking baths in CO2 or ozone.

The AMAZING Cryotherapy chamber is the most advanced product in its category, having the most innovative technical solutions (CAE/CAD system) which makes it leave the competition behind.

The AMAZING Cryotherapy chamber is characterized by high quality materials as well as its modern look. A cutting-edge control system guarantees individually preset parameters of the treatment. The chamber’s functionality is enhanced by a unique shape which boosts the economical aspect and also gives the patient much free space inside.
Use of many glass surfaces significantly increases  the patient’s safety and comfort.